Slot Overview: Money Train 4

Money Train 4 is coming to town, so get your tickets. Money Train slots require little introduction. Money Train slots have been Relax Gaming’s hallmark since 2019. They’re big, terrifying, exciting, harsh, and possibly rewarding. Each game has grown bigger, and Money Train 4 is the biggest yet. Seeing Money Train 2 and Money Train 3 squander their stacks makes that proposal scary. If you’re up for another train excursion, remember this is your final chance, and join us.

You heard right—Money Train 4 will be the series’ final installment, and it won’t leave quietly. Relax Gaming has taken Money Train 4 off-world for exploration, terraforming, or resource mining, so gamers may play pretend. Money Train 4 doesn’t need imagination since Relax Gaming has created a beautiful future dystopian landscape reminiscent of Terminator 2 that switches from sunny in the regular game to wet and unpleasant in the bonus round. Money Train 4’s visuals and music give it a slot/video game/movie crossover vibe regardless of mode.

When ready to play, players may pick a bet from 10 p/c to £/€6 each spin and click for two bonus buys. Guess what? Money Train 4 is a volatile slot with an RTP of 96.1% or 96.5% when buying the feature. The base game is played on a 6×6 grid and offers regular wins when at least 8 identical high pay symbols or 10 similar low pay symbols appear anywhere on the reels utilizing a scatter pays method.

Low-paying diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades and four high-paying character symbols make up its 8 pay symbols. The most valued scatter wins, with 36 matching symbols, pay 100 to 1,000 times the wager. The lowest earning scatter wins pay 0.4 to 1.2 times the stake. Money Train 4 includes several symbols, but no wilds.

Slot Features of Money Train 4

Money Train 4’s base game adds Respins and a bonus purchase, as well as the familiar Money Cart Bonus Round.

Spins Function

This function activates after any rotation. A respin with blanks, multipliers, or more of the most prevalent sign occurs when the reel symbol gets sticky. Pay symbols and multipliers activate the function, but multipliers do not. Multipliers double the ultimate win when they land. Without new symbols, respins terminate.

Bonus Money Cart Round

This feature is activated by 3 or more scatter symbols in the original game and played on a 6×4 grid. When triggering the round, persistent symbols might replace scatter symbols. When fresh symbols land, 3 respins are rewarded that reset the bet multiplier from the triggering symbols. If a Persistent symbol activates the bonus, it happens before the first spin. If a row is full with symbols, an extra row is opened and its symbols operate. Up to 4 rows can be added this way. Money Train 4 contains a stack of Money Train’s distinctive feature symbols:

Bonus symbols disclose 1 to 10 times the stake.

Collector adds all observable values to its value.

The persistent collector adds all visible values to its own value at the conclusion of each spin and each subsequent spin. Self-value is not collected.

Adjacent Collector adds all adjacent values to its own.

The persistent adjacent collector adds all adjacent position values to its own value on that spin and each subsequent spin.

Payer adds a value to all visible symbols.

Persistent Payer adds a value to all visible symbols on that spin and each subsequent spin. Not self-paying.

The neighboring Payer adds a value to all neighboring symbols.

Persistent Adjacent Payer adds a value to all adjacent symbols on the spin and each subsequent spin.

Sniper doubles 3–8 Bonus symbols. It can repeat its Bonus symbol action.

Persistent Sniper multiplies 3 to 8 Bonus symbols on that spin on each subsequent spin. It can repeat its Bonus symbol action.

Collector Payer adds 3 to 5 symbols to its own value and pays out the revised value to each target.

After each spin, Persistent Collector Payer picks 3 to 5 symbols as targets, adds their values to its own, and pays out the revised value to each target.

Arms Dealer – turns 1 to 4 Bonus symbols into feature symbols, which then act.

Persistent Arms Dealer – turns 1 Bonus symbol into a feature symbol after each spin. The new feature icon acts after conversion.

Necromancer refreshes 2–7 non-persistent feature symbols. Target the same symbol many times.

Persistent Necromancer reinstates 1 to 7 non-persistent feature symbols after each spin. Target the same symbol many times.

Persistent Shapeshifter—Becomes Collector, Payer, Sniper, Collector Payer, Arms Dealer, or Unlocker after every spin.

Locked row unlocker.

Spin count starts at +1 with Reset Plus.

Upgrader — Makes 1–3 feature symbols persistent.

Purchase Feature

The purchase function unlocks the extra round. To trigger the feature with 1 Persistent Symbol, bet 100x or 500x.

Slot Verdict: Money Train 4

Money Train 4 reminded me of ‘All wonderful things must come to an end.’ From the humble beginnings of Money Train (2019) to the phenomenal step up of Money Train 2 (2020), the futuristic restyling of Money Train 3 (2022), the almost video game/movie crossover of Money Train 4 and a bunch of Money Carts in between, the MT franchise is almost unmatched in online gambling. Many successful franchises are hard to name. Success wasn’t founded on hype either. Money Train slots are famous for its insanely exciting features and nuclear-level large wins. Money Train 4 expands on its predecessors, becoming larger and stronger.

Still looks and sounds great, maybe better. The off-world setting—Dune, Rogue 1, Terminator 2, or your choice—is perfect for ending the series. Amazingly, the scatter pays victory method has also changed the base game. Dead spins were common, although Respins offset this when it happened. The base game can produce decent results, which should favor non-bonus-buyers. Most players are here for the Money Cart round, and Money Train 4 delivers again. Relax Gaming has included more feature symbols with several impacts. What can we say? Money Train slots are notoriously fantastic when feature symbols interact, and Money Train 4 seems to be no exception.

Winning potential has increased with each release to 150,000x the bet for Money Train 4. Money Train 4 hits its ceiling eventually, unlike many games with sky-high statistics. The only question is how ridiculous the win will be. As melancholy as it is, Money Train 4 ends one of the most successful slot franchises in style.

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