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Although Belgium isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind when discussing major gambling hubs, residents of the country, both Flemish and Walloon, have access to a wide variety of land-based casinos. They will discover an exciting environment and high-quality gaming options here. Nine casinos are offered to gamblers in Belgium, with four in the Flemish region, four in Wallonia, and one in the capital city of Brussels. Among these nine, the Casino in Spa distinguishes out as the oldest gambling establishment anywhere.

Casino Spa: Its History

Spa Casino’s history is one of the most interesting and unique in the casino industry. Nearly 250 years ago, in 1762, it was constructed thanks to the efforts of Xhrouet Lambert and Gérard de Leau, two of the city’s mayors. Ballrooms, theaters, and casinos were just some of the opulent amenities they planned to provide for the local aristocracy. Jean-Barthelemy Liege Digneffe, an architect, was responsible for the design of La Redoute Spa. La Redoute Spa didn’t open to the public until 2009, after a nine-year wait. In 1789, the Liege revolution, many destructive fires, and the ban of gambling by the Belgian government all dealt a major blow to the casino, which had previously enjoyed its heyday. La Redoute Spa, however, continued operations far into the nineteenth century. In 1917, the structure was again severely damaged by fire. More than a decade were spent on the town hall’s repair efforts. At last, it saw the casino’s rebirth like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. The modern casino was built on top of the old one’s ruins. The casino’s 1980s and ’81s refurbishment brought it back to its former splendor, and the Belgian Circus bought it in 2003.

Relaxing and Rewarding Spa Time


The casino spa may fall short of the French casinos in terms of game selection, but it nonetheless provides tourists with a respectable assortment of gambling options. Slot machines, roulette, and blackjack are all available to guests. Interestingly, Texas Hold ’em is the most played game at the casino, and the establishment often hosts tournaments that draw the best poker players in Europe. A theater, many eateries, a ballroom, and a cultural center may all be found in the immediate vicinity of the casino. To sum up, unlike some Las Vegas casinos, the Spa Casino is not a standalone building in the middle of nowhere, but rather part of a sprawling entertainment complex designed specifically with players in mind.




Address: Rue Royale 4, 4900 Spa, Belgium Casino Circus de Spa


Telephone No.


+32 87-77-20-52


The Route to Take


Brussels, Bonn, Aix-la-Chapelle, and Luxembourg are all within a hundred miles of Spa, making it a major transportation hub in Europe. The Spa Casino is conveniently located. To get to Liège from Luxembourg, take the E26 from the A31 in eastern France. The A2 connects Paris with the Belgian border close to Valenciennes. From there, drive 50 more minutes on the A7 to get to Spa from Liege. Have a good time circling!


Casino Kursaal

Even though Spa is older, the Kursaal Casino nevertheless shines brightly. Ostend is the largest city in the region and a hidden gem for gambling enthusiasts, although few outside of Belgium have heard of it. Although it had been operational since 1857, the Kursaal casino in Ostend was destroyed by bombing during World War II. The structure was subsequently redone in a more contemporary style. The modern casino has a music hall, a restaurant with a lovely patio, and a number of game rooms to meet the demands of each gambler.

A Channel Crossing by the British


Since Queen Victoria had banned gambling in the 1920s, Ostend became a popular gambling destination for the British upper class before World War II. The gambling ban was enforced throughout the whole kingdom, making it illegal for citizens of England and any colonial territory under the Union Jack to participate in legalized gaming. The Kursaal Casino was especially well-liked by English gamblers in the Roaring Twenties since Belgium was never subject to the Queen’s law. (which as we all know was when the concept of the brick-and-mortar casino peaked).


Jackpot Slots

Slot machines were illegal in Belgium until relatively recently; today, however, you may find this fixture of every casino in the country. Players can choose from among about 120 slot machines strategically positioned near the roulette and poker tables. Additionally, the machines accept wagers ranging from €0.1 up to €1, making them accessible to players of varying financial means.




Address: Casino Kursaal, 8400 Oostende, Belgium





+32 59-70-51-11


Other Ostend Attractions


Wellington’s Hippodrome is where horse races are held.

The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

The boardwalk and beachfront promenade.

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